Is ACCA worth pursuing?

The best next step is to take professional tests if you want to advance your career in accounting and finance. ACCA is worthwhile if you’re ready to put in the effort, make some sacrifices, and persevere through some challenging periods.

You may experience some setbacks, but you’ll grow from them and keep moving forward. Additionally, if you succeed, you’ll gain amazing advantages like a global career and increased pay.

Can I find job after ACCA?

Because of the following, ACCA Qualifications offer numerous opportunities at a variety of companies:

You are prepared for a variety of responsibilities thanks to the holistic curriculum, and you can move on to perform strategic activities.

The Big 4 and numerous captives and KPOs are multinational organizations that are aware of the ACCA qualification because its members and students are dispersed throughout 181 different nations.

How long do you have after enrolling to obtain the ACCA qualification?

Exams in Applied Knowledge and Applied Skills can be completed at any time. The Strategic Professional tests must be completed within a certain amount of time, nevertheless. To finish the Strategic Professional examinations, you have seven years.

When you pass your first Professional level exam, the time limit officially begins. If you don’t pass all of the Strategic Professional examinations within seven years, you lose whatever certifications you may have received earlier than that time and must retake the “expired” exam in order to receive your diploma.

Can I learn ACCA on my own?

If one is motivated and disciplined in their exam preparation methods, passing the exams through self-studying is very much achievable. The “Study Support Guides” that ACCA offers include a plan layout they created taking into account the suggested amount of time to devote to each paper. ACCA has already completed most of the work for you. Besides, you can checkout our previous paper webinars

Is ACCA easy? How challenging or difficult is it to pass?

The ACCA is a considerably simpler course when compared to some of the other accountancy courses. The typical pass rate for the ACCA course is up to 40%, compared to the notoriously low 3-4% pass rate for the CA and CFA courses. With ACCA, a program renowned for its adaptability, you can select between full- or part-time study. Given that you can select how many topics to take at once, it is ideal for individuals who intend to work and study at the same time.

Do I have to take the ACCA tests in a specific order?

Although there is freedom in which exam to finish first in each subject, the ACCA exams must be finished in a specific order. Our advancement rules include further information about this.

Where can I access the resources for exam questions and previous exams?

Past papers and other free study materials are readily available for ACCA students. These are available on our website under the study support resources area.

How many exams can I take simultaneously?

You may register for up to four exams per session and up to eight different exams throughout the course of a calendar year. You may enter for up to two consecutive exam sessions at once. You would be in charge of deciding how much time you have to study and get ready for exams, as well as how many you choose to take.

The ACCA Qualification examinations can I take them in any order?

The papers within each module can be attempted in any order, however, you must take your ACCA Qualification exams in modular order. You must also finish all unfinished exams in your current module in order to be qualified to take exams in the subsequent module.

Has Covid-19 had an impact on how individuals study? What now exists online?

The availability of various study programs may differ depending on where you live. To ensure that students can continue their travels without interruption, many of our Approved Learning Partners have shifted their tuition online. 

Is it possible to change the exam I entered to take the ACCA?

Through the test planner, you can make changes to current exam entries up until the usual entry closing date, such as withdrawing an entry, switching exam locations, taking different exams, or taking more exams.

Where can I learn more about the subjects I will be studying?

In our exam help section, you may get more details about the subjects and exams you’ll be taking. The syllabus for each exam will be broken down for you if you choose the qualification you want to pursue.  

Is it advisable to take one exam at a time or two at once for the strategic professional level?

The strategic professional tests require a lot of detail. You are allowed to take more than one exam at a time, but you must first decide if you think you can prepare for and pass more than one. How much time you have for studying in addition to your other obligations will determine this. 

Describe CPD.

The phrase “continuing professional development” (CPD) refers to the learning activities professionals take part in to advance and improve their skills. In order to enhance and have successful professional development, CPD incorporates several learning strategies, including training workshops, conferences and events, e-learning programs, best practice techniques, and idea exchange.

How do I sign up to join the FCCA?

We will automatically bestow the esteemed title of Fellow upon you if you have been an ACCA member for five years in a row and have completed your CPD during that time. A letter and a certificate will be sent to you to officially congratulate you on being granted FCCA certification.

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