Professional Development Courses


    1. Introduction to Islamic Finance and Islamic Economics
    2. Shariah Law and the Shariah Supervisory Board
    3. Islamic Banking versus Conventional Banking
    4. Murabaha
    5. Mudaraba
    6. Musharaka
    7. Ijara
    8. Global Standing of Islamic Finance and Banking
    9. Islamic Investments and Sukuks
    10. Takaful



    1. Effect of Covid 19 on different stocks
    2. Effects of presidential election on stocks
    3. Fundamental and technical analysis.
    4. How to open up an account.
    5. How to pick shares.
    6. Discussion on international technological stocks
  • Quick Book (QBO)

    1. How to make payroll
    2. How to record Expenses through cash voucher and cheque
    3. How to record entries
    4. How to record liabilities
    5. How to select and analysis the different types of reports
  • Accounting For Non-Accountants

  • Basic & Advance Excel

  • Pakistani Tax

  • IFRS Diploma