Business and Technology (BT) Course – ACCA Applied Knowledge Level:

The Business and Technology (BT) course introduces you to the business environment. The syllabus starts by looking at the goals and different types of businesses that exist, as well as the major stakeholders and the rights and obligations that businesses have in relation to them. It then explores the external influences, such as economic, legal, social, and technological factors, that have an impact on the business in its environment.

The Business and Technology (BT) exam looks at how businesses are structured and run, with a particular emphasis on corporate governance and the responsibilities that accounting plays in it—particularly in financial reporting, assurance, control, and compliance.

The curriculum also covers important topics in motivation, personal effectiveness, and effective teamwork, as well as leadership, management, and people concerns. The last portion of the curriculum looks at how professional ethics and values should guide behavior at all levels of business.

 The Applied Knowledge Level of the ACCA degree includes the Business and Technology (BT) test. You are excused from this subject if you have AAT certification or an ACCA-accredited degree.

If you succeed in this subject, you ought to be able to

  • Recognize the functions and kinds of businesses, as well as how they connect with important stakeholders and the outside world.
  • Recognize the structure, roles, and responsibilities of business organizations.
  • Recognize the roles that accounting and auditing play in communicating, reporting, and verifying the accuracy of financial data, as well as their effective compliance, internal control, and security.
  • Understand the fundamentals of authority and leadership, as well as the selection, management, and development of teams and individuals.
  • Recognize the significance of individual performance as the cornerstone of successful group and organizational behavior.
  • Recognize that all commercial and financial activities should be carried out in a way that complies with and is in the best interests of the spirit of accepted professional ethics and professional values.


Effective Tips and Techniques to Excel in the ACCA Business and technology Exam

If you follow the proper strategy, the ACCA BT Exam is not particularly challenging, especially when you are learning at a reputed institute like Mirchawala’s. Here are some pointers for passing the ACCA BT Exam: 

  • Start Early: Start early and avoid rushing to have things ready to ensure that you are covering the complete curriculum.
  • Follow Routine: Make sure to schedule a distinct time block for revision when you make your exam plans. As you prepare, make brief notes and reserve them for your days of review. During your period of revision, avoid beginning with a new or unrelated topic.
  • One Topic at a Time: Choose one topic at a time and follow the same sequence as shown during the session.
  • Make Notes: Get into the habit of making notes side by side while taking classes. Ask lots of questions in practice.
  • Solve Yourself: Whenever the faculty starts to solve a question, copy the question, pause the video, do it yourself, and then match your answer with his. Try to solve the kit with your mentor; both kits will be covered in lectures.
  • Focus on Exam Kit: Read the interactive text. Anyone with BPP is recommended. Do exam kits of both BPP and Kaplan again to grasp concepts. For the BT exam, notes by Sir Owais Mirchawala are highly recommended to read. Revise the whole kit one week before the exam.
  • Practice, practice, and practice: Make sure to practice bank questions at the end of the BPP interactive text.
  • Mock Exams: After kits and reading, go for the mock exams are available at the end of both kits. There are 3 mocks available, which you should do in 2 hours each. After kit mocks, you will be provided with 3 additional mocks made by the experienced instructors at Mirchawala’s. If you score more than 70%, then it is recommended to go and take your exam.


ACCA Applied Knowledge Course at Mirchawala’s

The Mirchawala’s Hub of Accountancy is the perfect destination you need to be if you’re looking for the guidance of expert industry professionals to provide you with the instruction you need on all subjects. Mirchawala’s holds an excellent track record in the industry for turning out top-notch ACCA-certified experts. Regardless of the papers you are taking, the dedicated teaching team will help you throughout your learning journey; all you need to do is focus on your studies with enough time and effort. Contact us now to know more about the course and exam.

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