ACCA With Graduation: Advantages of Completing Graduation with ACCA

ACCA With Graduation: The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA), which has more than 200,000 members and more than 500,000 students in 180 countries, is the fastest-growing international accounting organization. It is regarded as the accounting industry’s gold standard. A career in accounts and finance can be built with the ACCA qualification, which is a highly respected program that is current with industry standards. With this degree, the graduate is assured to be a licensed chartered accountant, enabling them to operate in all areas of business and finance. Professionals can find employment in a variety of industries, including banking, accounting, finance, audit, accounts, and more.

 The widely accepted accreditation provides access to a variety of foreign opportunities. The graduates’ global qualification attests to their comprehensive knowledge of all areas of commerce and business. Students have the option to begin their practice after graduation or to work alongside MNCs, including the Big Fours. One of ACCA’s most alluring features is the opportunity for students to continue their graduation in addition to their ACCA qualification.

 Let’s explore the advantages of pursuing ACCA with graduation to add wings to your career:

Variable Exam Schedules

It takes very effective time management to take two different courses at the same time. The ACCA exam schedule, fortunately, performs the majority of the legwork for you. The way the tests are set up makes it quite easy for a student of commerce to manage them. 

Computer-based multiple-choice tests are available on demand for the first four ACCA subjects, F1, F2, F3, and F4. So that you can select days that work for you or when you have the least amount of college work to do. The remaining tests can be taken over the course of the year in four installments. A minimum of one paper and a maximum of four papers may be taken at once. 

Similar Subject Materials in ACCA with Graduation

It can seem that taking two courses would mean working twice as hard. Fortunately, it’s not. Your college syllabus will be quite comparable to the first nine subjects of the ACCA program. Therefore, you won’t need to study twice as hard to complete both courses because the topics will frequently overlap. 

Your papers won’t require much preparation if you finish your accountancy papers first. It turns out that you don’t need to conduct much additional research. 

Save Your Time by up to Three Years

Let’s assume that everything goes according to plan, that your efforts are successful, and that you finish both courses quickly. It means you would be able to add precious, salaried in the coming years. 

The three years you would have spent training to become an accountant could be gained. As a result, you start your career off strong and move up the corporate ladder more quickly. Three additional earning years can open up a world of opportunity for you. 

Start  Working Immediately after Graduation 

Most commerce students will be considering their next course of study once they graduate. No, not you. You can begin sending your resumes to banking institutions right away. You might even be the first person in your batch to be employed. When your peers finally catch up with you, you will already be an accomplished professional with an ACCA credential. So you have a better chance of getting promoted than them. 

Take the Advantages of  a Coaching Center 

They will also assist you in managing your time and study schedule if you decide to enroll in a coaching facility. They will assist you in preparing the course content, answering your questions, bettering your understanding of ideas, and managing your study time. Your teachers will support you whether you need to take a practice test or review certain courses. You have a choice between taking the course online or in person. In either case, you will have the support you require to simultaneously work on your degree. 

Be Better Qualified than Your Contemporaries

Employers pay attention when you own an ACCA credential. They will be aware that you possess the abilities and sector-specific information they want in a qualified accountant. You will be chosen over other applicants who merely have a degree in commerce because of this. 

Make Your Resume Appealing 

You are so young, and you already have two academic degrees. What else will dazzle potential employers if this? Additionally, it will demonstrate your ability to multitask well, withstand pressure, and adhere to deadlines. 

In Summary — ACCA with Graduation

The ACCA program lasts two to three years. This implies that it will take some time before you can start working after receiving your degree. Students majoring in commerce who prepare for the ACCA course have a head start on the future. They are given the technical and soft skills necessary by the qualification to excel in their field. It will be an uphill battle if you decide to pursue the ACCA credential after your 12th year. You’ll need to be organized and methodical in your work. Everything will be worthwhile since you will graduate and become a certified accountant. 

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