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CMA (USA) Certified Management Accountant



CMA(USA) Certified Management Accountant CMA (USA) In high demand in: Middle East, India, China, USA The CMA is respected in over 150+ countries with over 100,000 certifications earned globally.

Mirchawala’s college is now offering CMA. The college has globally achieved 144+ Top Scorers and Position Holders Nationwide. The qualification is taught by Sir Ahmed Shafi , considered among the top tutors in the world for management accounting papers For further details please WhatsApp, Inbox us or call us.

CMA Admission Guidelines/Criteria:

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Director - Mirchawala's Hub of Accountancy

Sir Ahmed Shafi, working as the executive director of Mirchawala since 2009. Sir Ahmed Shafi is ranked among the top tutors in the World. He is the only tutor who also taught in Middle East and Qatar And also gained market share there. Having experience of more than 16 years. He holds the biggest market share in the subject’s he teaches. His students secure nationwide and worldwide positions in almost every attempt.


CMA USA by IMA from mirchawala hub of accountancy

Dear Studens,

As you know that IMA previously offered us a Special Discount Package of IMA Fee and Charges which was valid till 26th Sep 2023, and our students availed that package. Now, the Fee and Charges of IMA have been increased since 1st Oct 2023. However, IMA has again offered us the attached Special Discount Package which our students can still avail.

1. Students need to pay Initial Fee of $250 to us which will cover their 3 Years IMA Student Membership Fee and CMA Entrance Fee. After the payment of Initial Fee, the Exam Discount Tokens of $120 each for Part 1 and Part 2 Exams will be provided from IMA (when approved by IMA).
2. The Initial Fee must be paid till 19th Oct 2023
3. As per IMA restriction, the Special Discount Package can be applied from our end only if we get at-least 10 students for the Registration.

If you are interested in the attached IMA Special Discount Package, For further details please WhatsApp, Inbox us or call us at:

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