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Practical Taxation Course (Pakistan)


Pakistan Taxation Course
  • Career Advancement for Accountants and Tax Professionals: Enhance competitiveness in the job market and unlock career opportunities within accounting firms or corporate finance departments through a practical taxation course.
  • Business Owners’ Tax Empowerment: Ensure compliance and optimize tax liabilities for business owners, enabling informed financial decisions and effective management of tax affairs.
  • Specialization in Taxation: Specialize in the intricate field of taxation, boosting job prospects and meeting increased demand for expertise in tax planning, compliance, and advisory services.
  • Entrepreneurial Tax Planning Strategies: Equip entrepreneurs with insights for optimizing business structures, reducing tax liabilities, and enhancing financial management for increased profitability.
  • Compliance and Risk Management Mastery: Develop essential skills to navigate complex tax codes, mitigating non-compliance risks and potential legal issues through a practical taxation course.
  • Continuous Professional Development in Tax Laws: Stay abreast of dynamic tax laws and regulations, ensuring continuous professional development and awareness of the latest changes through a practical taxation course.
  • Networking Opportunities for Professionals: Engage in valuable networking with industry peers, instructors, and fellow participants during a practical taxation course, leading to connections, job opportunities, and knowledge exchange.
  • Personal Finance Insight: Gain insights into personal finance management, aiding individuals in making informed decisions about investments, retirement planning, and tax-efficient strategies for financial well-being.


  • How to create NTN in FBR.
  • Sole proprietorship registration.
  • Sole Proprietorship Business Registration.
  • Partnership registration-aop.
  • How to register Pvt ltd company in SECP.
  • Incorporation Of a Company | SECP- PVT-LTD.
  • How to close Pvt ltd Company SECP as per requirements.
  • How to Get Sales Tax Registration Number, Sales Tax Registration.
  • How to Get WEBOC ID for Import & Export,Weboc Registration.
  • How to get membership certificate of chamber of commerce & industry.
  • NTN & Income Tax Return filling document.
  • Sindh Revenue Board Registration SRB on Services Documents Required.
  • Pseb-pakistan-software-export-board-registration.
  • Foreign remittance tax in Pakistan.
  • Adjustable taxes in IRIS.
  • How-to-check-active-taxpayer-status.
  • How to create surcharge for Atl-challan-2019.
  • Pos-integration FBR updates Sales tax.
  • Sales-tax-on-services-invoice-template
  • Taxation in Excel.
  • Tax Credit on Profit.
  • Full Time Teacher Allowance.
  • Residential Status of Individual Section 82.
  • Income Tax on Export of IT Services in Pakistan.
  • How to get Import & Export License in Pakistan.
  • How to Pay Motor Vehicle Tax Online Sindh.
  • POS Integration Tier-1 Retailers Frequently Asked Questions.
  • How to Create E-Services CDC Account Electronic IPO.
  • Income Tax Slab for Tax YEAR 2020 & 20201.
  • Surcharge for ATL Challan 2020 Filer Status.
  • HOW TO FILE “NULL SRB Monthly Return”.
  • Taxation on Freelancer’s or IT Services Income in Pakistan.
  • Wealth Reconciliation Statement for salaried individuals IRIS.
  • Valuation of Immovable Properties FBR Value.
  • Capital Gain TAX ON Immovable Property.
  • How to Add Taxpayer’s Profile in IRIS Account.
  • How to Create Admitted Income Tax Challan.
  • How to Get Mobile Tax Deduction Certificate on WhatsApp.
  • Benefits of Active Taxpayer List | ATL | FILER.
  • Slabs 2021 Tax on Income from Property.
  • Link Consultant CNIC in Your IRIS ID.
  • Documents Required Renewal of NPO Status | 2 (36) (C) of the Income Tax Ordinance 2001.


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Faculty: EXCEL

Income Tax Practitioner FBR, Microsoft Certified Trainer MCT Member of Chamber of Commerce Karachi, Member of Income Tax Sub Committee (KCCI), Deputy Convener of FPCCI Central Committee Sale stax, Microsoft Certified Professional Certified, Financial Modeler (CFM) UK, Associate Financial Accountant IFA-UK, Institute of Public Accountants, Microsoft Excel Coach at MHA, Financial Modeler, Corporate Excel Trainer, Business & Tax Consultant, 09+ years of hands-on experience.

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