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Association of Chartered Certified Accountants

ACCA is ideal if you’re looking to progress your career and become a chartered accountant, or work in an accountancy, audit or tax firm.

We offer 3 ACCA levels

24/7 support

Complete course coverage along with past papers. With 24/7 tutor's Support.

Value for money

Specially designed for professionals and part time students.

Multilingual support

Course available in multiple languages.

Mock Exams Facility

Marking facility with #Query support is available along with mock exams

You can study part time and at home – learning on your own terms. The average time to complete the full qualification syllabus is 3 years. And you can be confident in our courses as we have over 14+ years’ experience delivering high quality content and expertise. Mirchawala’s has secured 139+ Global & Nationwide Position Holders.  

Frequently asked questions

Mirchawala’s will provide your student portal on LMS after admission process.

For detailed exam insights, we recommend you visit the ACCA website launch. They have resources and exam specific advice for every level.

Yes – you will need to register with ACCA approximately 6-8 weeks prior to the exam entry deadline. You can find more information about registration on the ACCA website launch.

  1. Complete course coverage along with past papers.
  2. Revision of the subject is also included.
  3. Specially designed for professionals and part time students.
  4. Course available in multiple languages.
  5. Marking facility with #Query support is available

Why study with Mirchawala?

"While studying the ACCA course at Mirchawala Hub of Accountancy and working with the knowledgeable faculties, it has been a really uplifting and fulfilling experience. I learned a lot and was able to pass all of the ACCA exams thanks to their full attention and their simple teaching style. The support is there and also, there are mock exams which I value most!" Sara Ejaaz -
Sarah Ejaaz
Mirchawala's student

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Materiality and Pervasiveness

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Control Account

Control Accounts What is a Control Account? Control account is a summarized version of the many subsidiary ledger accounts, to be recorded in the general ledger.

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