ACCA Oxford Brookes:  The exclusive partnership between the ACCA and Oxford Brookes University enables students to earn a BSc Honours Degree in Applied Accounting while also pursuing their ACCA certification.

You can receive this 360-credit bachelor’s degree from a prestigious UK university by combining your professional accomplishments with a Research and Analysis Project (RAP). You can get 330 credits by completing your ACCA examinations, and you can earn the final 30 credits by passing your RAP.

The University and the ACCA collaborated to create this degree, which satisfies both academic and professional certification requirements. Once you have passed the Applied Knowledge and Applied Skills tests, as well as the Ethics and Professional Skills module, you are eligible to submit an Oxford Brookes University Research and Analysis Project for evaluation by the University Business School staff. Anyone who has passed their ACCA exams may also complete the degree if they meet the eligibility criteria given below.

The Complete Structure and Eligibility Criteria

If you want to receive the BSc (Hons) in Applied Accounting, you must:

  • have passed the FR, AA, and FM ACCA Applied Skills tests and have not been excused from them. If you were exempt from the three exams, you must sit for them and pass to be eligible.
  • have completed the other six exams at the Applied Knowledge and Applied Skills levels or have received an exemption. Please be aware that you are not eligible to submit the RAP if you have conditional exemptions.
  • the ACCA Ethics and Professional Skills module.
  • finish and pass the research and analysis project at Oxford Brookes University.
  • ensure that your ACCA subscription fees are paid on time. If your ACCA account is suspended, you are unable to submit a RAP.

 Show that your knowledge is current by passing your RAP within ten years of the earliest of the following dates: the date on which you passed your first ACCA examination, the date on which you received your first ACCA exemption or the date on which you passed three ACCA (Applied Skills or Strategic Professional) examinations in the five years prior to submitting your RAP. You must also be a full member of ACCA in good standing with at least one year of ACCA Membership. The CPD and fees must be current.

 ACCA Oxford Brookes: Awards and Bursaries

There is a bursary fund available for students who are struggling financially. The bursary pays the submission fee when a research and analysis project is submitted to the university for the first time. There are no expenses related to mentoring that are covered by the bursary. The bursary is given for a certain period of submission; it cannot be used for subsequent submission periods.

For submissions in May, applications must be received by January 1, and for submissions in November, they must be received by July 1.


For the best RAP in each submission window, there is a prize, either the Simon Williams prize or the Matthew Sykes memorial prize. The external examiner reviews the top RAPs after using markers to identify them.

Research and Analysis Project

Your ability to demonstrate graduate-level competencies that aren’t normally examined in the exams will be achievable due to the RAP. The Research Report (RR) and the Skills and Learning Statement (SLS) are the two components.

Research Report: 7,500 words of research

Statement of Skills and Learning for the Analysis Project

2,000 words

The examiner evaluates these and chooses the winning entry. The chance to have their profiles published in Student Accountant is given to prize winners.

Project Requirements for ACCA Oxford Brookes

RAP (Research Analysis Project)

SLS (Slalls and Learning Statement)



List of References 

Report on Research

You conduct a research-based project for the Research Report that is specific to one organization. You will either receive an F or one of the three Pass grades (A, B, or C).

Statement of skills and learning

You must reflect on your RAP experience and think about how your growth will benefit you in the future as part of the Skills and Learning Statement. This is given a pass/fail grade.

If you achieve a score of A, B, or C on the RR, you have successfully completed the RAP. After passing the RAP, you are not permitted to submit another RAP.

Assignment RAP

The RAP’s goal is to give you the chance to demonstrate graduate-level abilities and knowledge that aren’t covered in your ACCA exams.

What you must perform in exact detail is explained in the evaluation brief. More advice on how to approach your studies can be found in Preparing your Research and Analysis Project.

Research Report ( assignment brief)

You must choose one of the aforementioned themes, do your research, and write a report (of no more than 7,500 words) about it. The themes refer to an organization, which could be for-profit or nonprofit.

While certain issues saw change in 2021–2022, others underwent change this year.

You must use the prior topics if you are resubmitting and aren’t switching to a new one (see the previous Information Pack for further information).

Different themes call for various knowledge sources. You can choose a topic and organize the data collection process by taking into account the various types of data you have access to. 

If you’re submitting the ACCA Oxford Brookes for the first time, you must choose one of these subjects. A project based on the previous iteration of the topics will receive a failing mark.

 Find the Right Mentor for Support — ACCA Oxford Brookes 

Students must have a Project Mentor to assist and direct them as they finish the Research and Analysis Project, according to the ACCA Oxford Brookes BSc degree program. The mentor must be accepted by OBU, which conducts a certification screening after which the Mentors are registered. At Mirchawala’s Hub Of Accountancy, Sir Shaikh Abdul Basit teaches ACCA courses and is a qualified OBU Mentor who can assist candidates with their research. 

He actively assists the student in completing the Research and Analysis Project by giving feedback and suggestions as needed throughout the project’s activities.

He doesn’t just focus on the preparation and study required to create an effective research and analysis project; he also provides the opportunity for the student to hone their listening, questioning, and presentation abilities.

If you wish to know more about the course or our faculty feel free to contact us

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