ACCA Exam Results: How to Check, Administrative Review, Nullified Results, and more…

When the time comes for the ACCA exam results, there is a noticeable buzz among students all around the world. These results demonstrate the actual hard work and months of planning and also open doors for new opportunities in the field of professional accounting. Overall, ACCA results play a significant role in aspirants’ lives.

In this article, we are going to talk about ACCA results with a complete overview of the methodical procedure that goes into their assessment and how to gain your score.

So stay tuned to learn from every step of the process, from entering the myACCA portal to selecting administrative reviews and requesting mitigation circumstances, to equip you with the knowledge you need to properly manage your results.

How to Check Your ACCA Exam Results

The ACCA results are announced online, which you can check via the myACCA platform. Here’s a simple how-to to check your results:

  • Enter your myACCA login information: Using your password and registration number, log into your account.
  • Open the section labeled “Exam Status and Results”: Your scores are listed below according to the exam session.
  • Via Email: Results are also sent by email and SMS from ACCA to the contact information associated with your myACCA account.

The Process of ACCA Exam Results: Overview

ACCA takes great satisfaction in its impartial and thorough assessment procedure. Exams are subjected to a thorough marking and moderation procedure following administration to guarantee honesty and trust. In addition,

  • Marking Scheme: Markers and the examiner agree on a comprehensive plan before marking starts.
  • Moderation: To assure uniformity, the examiner regularly monitors the marking process.
  • Marginal Marks: Scripts that have marginal marks are given future consideration.
  • Specialized software for marking Accurate totals and proper marking of each question are guaranteed by built-in checks.
  • Independent Verification: Assures the accuracy of marker data through checks.
  • Finalizing Marks: Inconsistencies are fixed before the results are finalised, and further accuracy checks are made during the printing process.

Process for ACCA Results Administrative Review

ACCA has an administrative review process if you think there was a mistake in the checking of your exams or if the exam administration was subpar. In addition,

If you believe results don’t accurately represent your performance, the purpose is to make sure all marking and result release procedures are followed properly. You can request an administrative review of your ACCA exam results.

  • Eligibility: If you think quality controls should be implemented properly or if you obtain an inaccurate absent mark or a mark despite absence,
  • Nature: It verifies process conformance rather than providing remarking services.

To apply, download the administrative review form .

Expectations for Administrative Reviews

  • Feedback: Indicates instances in which clear comprehension was shown without giving specific grades or providing marked answers.

Email results for strategic professional exams show the pass/fail status for each question that was attempted.

  • Exams for Applied Skills and Foundations in Accounting: Feedback on the syllabus and area-by-area performance ratings.
  • Exam results for Dip IFR: Email results showing Pass/Fail status for each question tried.

If ACCA Results Show Administrative Errors

  • Result: If the initial mark was inflated, the marks may have been lowered to reflect the accurate outcome.
  • Refunds: Should the review result in an adjustment to your grade, you will receive your review fee back.
  • Exam Status Update: accommodates any modifications for upcoming exam entries.
  • Applying for an Administrative Review Process: Use myACCA to submit the request and pay the exam fee (£57).
  • Availability: Not available for on-demand CBEs, but available for session-based CBEs.
  • Deadlines: Visit the ACCA website’s “important dates” section.

What are the Nullified ACCA Results?

Rarely, exam results could be revoked. This may happen if there is proof of malpractice or if the integrity of the exam has been seriously compromised by a major administrative blunder. ACCA guarantees a fair hearing to all parties involved and takes these issues seriously.

Ensuring Exam Results’ Validity and Credibility

To ensure that ACCA exam results remain accurate, ACCA takes the following actions:

  • Live Invigilation: Makes use of reliable techniques to keep an eye on tests in real-time.
  • Procedures for Quality Assurance: Reviews conducted after the exam reveal any abnormalities in responses.
  • Irregular Results Panel: A group of specialists, comprising outside delegates, evaluates any peculiar exam responses; they do not reveal the particulars of the abnormalities other than to make it clear that technological problems do not lead to nullified results. 

Consequences of Nullified Results

If strange behavior or outcomes are suspected:

  • ACCA’s Rights: Per Exam Regulation 20, ACCA may retain the exam money, suspend future exam eligibility, withhold results, and nullify the exam.
  • The composition of the Irregular Results Panel consists of two representatives from ACCA, one from Oxford Brookes University, and at least one independent representative.
  • Function: Convenes before the release of results for the sessions in March, June, September, and December to determine the veracity of the findings and to determine whether to release, nullify, or hold off on taking any action until further inquiry has been completed.
  • How to Appeal a Nullified Result Process: Students can file an appeal with the Head of Exam Delivery by emailing within 14 days of receiving notification of the nullified result.

How to Get Transcripts of the ACCA Exam Results?

You can use myACCA to obtain official transcripts and certificates after passing your tests and finishing the Ethics and Professional Skills module. These records, which are available for a small cost, are essential to your professional recognition. Here’s a detailed tutorial on how to achieve that.

Active Students, Affiliates, and Members

  • Engaged learners and partners: Go directly to your exam status report on myACCA.
  • Active Members: You must speak with ACCA personally. In your message, make sure to include your full name and customer ID.

No longer enrolled students, affiliates, or members

  • Charge: To obtain an exam transcript, a £25 charge must be paid.

ACCA Certification Acquisition for Current Students and Affiliates for Misplaced, Stolen, or Damaged Certificates

 If your account balance is visible, you can get a replacement certificate for free from the print-a-certificate feature on myACCA if you previously received one that was lost, stolen, or destroyed.

Eligibility: Students who have fulfilled the prerequisites for every level since 2001 are eligible to use this service.

Quick Tips to Check ACCA Exam Result

  • Make sure your ACCA account is active to get free transcripts.
  • When contacting ACCA, always be sure to provide all relevant information, such as your full name and customer ID.
  • Use the links on the ACCA website to get exam status reports and print certificates, as well as for any questions or further help.

Final Thoughts on the ACCA Exam Results

Overall, managing your ACCA exam experience is vital to your development and success in accounting. This includes reviewing your exam results, understanding the thorough evaluation procedure, and planning your future moves. Because of ACCA’s tireless efforts, every applicant is assured of fair and accurate results, along with a lot of assistance for those who require additional clarification or encounter unforeseen difficulties.

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