Key Lessons CA or ACCA Aspirants Should Learn during their Articleship or PER

The articleship is the most exciting time of your learning as an ACCA aspirant student. By giving them the experience they need to deal with clients in the real world, the ACCA articleship helps students develop the necessary skills for applying theoretical knowledge to practical situations and shapes them into true professionals by fostering the development of better communication skills and a professional attitude. Additionally, articleships work as stepping stones for applicants who intend to open their practices after receiving their ACCA qualification. Based on their area of interest, candidates are free to select the field in which they wish to complete their articleship.

Your journey through it will determine the kind of ACCA professional you become. Your training and general learning experience will suffer if you take your articleship too seriously or too carelessly. I’ll go over the five traditional topics here, along with some fundamental knowledge that you should have during your articleship:

  • Dealing with Government Offices:

The government is directly involved in dealing with taxation, ITRS, legal codes of conduct, and many other operational business problems. Therefore, it is expected of an accountant or auditor to be conversant with all government procedures. Additionally, you can learn things during your internship as a student of commerce.

  • SOPs for Audit and Taxation:

The most crucial aspect of an accountant’s or auditor’s job is meeting deadlines. You can learn exactly how to work on taxation and audit with several clients as an intern at a CA office. Students studying commerce can gain knowledge about income tax rules and provisions, as well as effective strategies to work on them for the advantage of their clients. One can pick up a lot of different skills or strategies from their profession.

  • Excel and documentation abilities:

It is impossible to learn how to arrange documents in an exact chronological order without practice or observation of others. Additional accounting software, including Excel, will be taught to the students. Students studying commerce can spend time learning from seasoned employees at the company about all of these topics. These systems are utilized for forecasting and decision-making in addition to accounting.

  • Interpersonal and communication skills:

The most important things for an auditor or accountant are language proficiency and interpersonal skills. Why do we state this? Auditors are responsible for informing direct supervisors and, occasionally, higher-ups about reforms, modifications, and errors. Thus, precise and unambiguous communication is essential. Changes that an auditor or accountant foresees might inevitably need drastic adjustments. In this situation, you must speak with them as clearly as you can. Principals or superiors at work are good sources for commerce students to master the fundamentals of communication. If you wish to work as an accountant or auditor, you must observe and understand the importance of audit ethics.

  • Make errors, and don’t be afraid to ask for clarification:

You have the chance to work through your ideas and clear up any doubts you may have when you step into a real-world work environment. Your seniors will take great pleasure in answering your questions. Ultimately, this experience will come in handy when you go for a job interview.

So, these are the key lessons ACCA aspirants must learn during articleship or PER. Although the factors we’ve covered here might seem quite simple to you, each one is unique, significant, and has great information underlying it.

As a student of ACCA, you are now aware of the duties involved in your internship or articleship.

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