Is ACCA Recognised in Canada: A well-known organization for professionals in accounting is the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA). With its headquarters in the UK, ACCA counts more than 200,000 members and 500,000 students throughout 180 nations. So it comes as no surprise that a lot of Canadian students are curious about whether ACCA is accepted there.

Continue reading to find out more about how is ACCA recognised in Canada. How your ACCA accreditation will help you advance your career in Canada.

Is ACCA Recognised in Canada?

Right now, Canada does not officially recognize the ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants). A Mutual Recognition Agreement (MRA), which permitted ACCA members to be admitted to CPA Ontario automatically, was in place between CGA Canada and ACCA however it terminated in April 2021.

However, CPA Ontario published a crucial update very soon after the MRA between CGA Canada and ACCA expired. This update states that ACCA members who want to join CPA Ontario can still do so via a route called “Member of an accounting body outside Canada.”

Can You Do ACCA Course in Canada?

The largest professional accounting organization in the world, ACCA has over 200,000 members spread over 180 nations. As a result, ACCA membership is well-known and a great asset for anyone interested in a career in accounting.

Students have the opportunity of taking tests at the Montreal-based ACCA special exam centers. These centers must be reserved by students using their Myacca login.

Through an online distance learning course, you can study for the ACCA in Canada. You can take an online ACCA course from anywhere in Canada at any time of the year. We advise students to enroll in the Mirchawala’s Hub of Accountancy for ACCA course.

How  to Find Job in Canada after ACCA Course?

For ACCA members, there are numerous employment prospects in Canada. On their official LinkedIn page, ACCA Canada posts networking and job opportunities that are only available to ACCA members.

The Canadian government provides a variety of work options as well as career guidance for various industries. ACCA members must apply for a Social Insurance Number (SIN) as soon as they arrive in Canada, in accordance with the instructions provided on their website, in order to find employment there.

The Government of Canada Job Bank may also be a helpful tool for ACCA members in their search for suitable career prospects.

What Types of ACCA Jobs are Available in Canada?

Members of the ACCA have access to a sizable global network that can provide them job prospects across the globe. Members of the ACCA, however, can also utilize their membership to look for employment in Canada. 

In Canada, the following companies employ ACCA members: Ernst & Young; PWC; KPMG; Deloitte; Grant Thornton; BDO; RSM; Haskins Bowe; Leatrice Eisman The Bluestone Turner Drake, Trowbridge, JL Roper, and Cohn & Wolfe are among examples.

Which Companies are the Biggest Employers for ACCA Members?

The Canadian ACCA careers page provides a solid overview of the organizations that employ ACCA members and affiliates. The following is a list of companies in Canada that directly employ ACCA members:

MNP is one of Canada’s top-tier national accounting, tax, and business consulting firms.

A big four accounting firm is KPMG.

RSM is a renowned supplier of accounting, tax, and consulting services.

Canada BDO

A major four accounting firm is EY.

Amazon Bank of Montreal

What are the Advantages  ACCA membership in CPA Ontario provide?

A student must complete 150 hours of education, including a bachelor’s degree, to become a CPA in Canada. The student must also have completed their CPE requirements, have 30+ months of relevant experience, and have already passed the CPA Exam. Due to their credentials and work history, ACCA members are eligible for waivers from some standards.

With a professional qualification that is highly appreciated in Canada, an ACCA membership can help members break into the Canadian market. Some advantages and benefits available to ACCA members who are also CPA Canada members include the following:

To Sum Up

For employment as an accountant in Canada, you must complete the ACCA qualification. The CPA credential in Ontario is deemed to be equivalent to ACCA because of its global recognition and solid reputation.

However, anyone can study for the ACCA online, regardless of where they live. Starting an accounting career in Canada by earning your ACCA qualification is an excellent idea.