Top ACCA Jobs in Dubai

Over the past two decades, Dubai has experienced significant growth, making it one of the most sought-after destinations for jobs worldwide. There is a sizable community of numerous nations working in various industries, including technology, construction, marketing, and advertising. Having a globally recognized accreditation like the ACCA make candidates eligible for several job opportunities in the accounting industry across the globe. Dubai is no different.  There are numerous high-paying ACCA jobs in Dubai. 

Employers all throughout the world appreciate and respect the ACCA Qualification. Additionally, ACCA Members have access to a range of exclusive advantages and services that will aid in their career advancement. Go through the entire blog to get in-depth knowledge of the ACCA jobs in Dubai with salary.

Significance of ACCA Certification in Dubai

 ACCA (the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) aspires to provide business-relevant, first-choice credentials to those with aptitude, drive, and ambition who are looking for fulfilling careers in accountancy, finance, and management throughout the world. The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants works with business giants throughout the world to ensure that the qualifications assist you in developing the skills, convictions, and logic you’ll need in the workplace to add the most value to the business you benefit. That suggests that the ACCA has highly esteemed qualifications, which attracts employers.

  • One of the most trustworthy education programs for accounts and money is the ACCA test. 
  • When it comes to essential financial and accounting knowledge, this course is exhaustive.
  • ACCA, which has offices in 180 countries, provides premium domain-specific expertise and enhances a candidate’s natural character in terms of planning, monitoring, communication skills, IT prowess, and other areas.
  • The registration requirements for ACCA are reasonable and flexible, and there are several qualifications for eligibility.
  • better income and employment opportunities
  • For students and professionals interested in earning money from their profession, this accreditation is unquestionably one of the most trusted options.

ACCA Jobs in Dubai: Industry Insights 

Dubai’s economy began to take off in the late 1990s, and it is now regarded as the financial hub of the UAE. This city’s enormous growth trajectory has been mostly supported by its oil deposits. According to a research from 2021, the UAE job market expanded by 30%. That expansion was also aided by the increased demand for financial experts like ACCA, CFA, CA, and CPA. 

The following industries are Dubai’s top employers of ACCA professionals:

Transport and Logistics Management Consulting by Banks 

Buying and FMCG

Telecommunications and IT

Find out more about the ACCA’s career opportunities in India and abroad.

Industry type and experience are the two key determinants of an ACCA professional’s compensation package. The packages are relatively competitive when compared to other degrees, such as ACCA vs. CFA, ACCA vs. CPA, or ACCA vs. CA pay in Dubai. 

The average monthly pay for ACCA-qualified professionals in Dubai is AED 16,000 ($1,600). Although this is less than the global average salary for ACCA-qualified professionals, it nevertheless offers a high standard of living. Despite the comparatively high cost of living in Dubai, ACCA-qualified professionals can nevertheless lead comfortable lives.

Top ACCA Jobs in Dubai with Salary

Candidates with an ACCA certification are eligible for the following ACCA Jobs in Dubai:


The financial calculations of a corporation are handled by an accountant. Among the top ACCA jobs for freshers, accounting jobs include a wide range of tasks, including managing budgets, generating sales and cash flow reports, and billing operations. An accountant who is just starting out might expect to make roughly AED 32,000 (24,03,665.14 PKR) each year. The salary might go to AED 60,000 (45,06,872.14 PKR) with more than five years of experience.

Chief Financial Officer

A CFO is essential for a business to manage all financial activities. Their leadership skills assist businesses in effectively managing all financial activities while adhering to the company’s regulations and standards. AED 530,983 (3,98,84,541.45 PKR) is the average yearly compensation for CFOs, which is staggering. A CFO typically earns a starting salary of AED 245,780 (1,84,61,650.56 PKR).

Forensic Accountant

A forensic accountants’ main duty is to spot fraudulent activity, and they frequently work with banks, insurance firms, and governmental organizations. They gather financial records, transactions, and account histories through investigation, analysis, and compilation. Forensic accountants typically earn AED 95,865 (72,00,854.95 PKR).

Financial Analyst

The financial operations of an organization are overseen by treasury analysts, who also manage credit, cash flow, income, liabilities, and assets. It is one of the best ACCA jobs for Pakistani. For smooth money transfers, they collaborate with many departments. A Treasury Analyst makes an average of AED 108,200 (81,27,392.75 PKR) a year.


Verifying the veracity of a company’s financial records is the auditor’s responsibility. An auditor can work independently or for an organization, and they need to be skilled at problem-solving and have good communication abilities. An auditor typically earns AED 77,687 (58,35,422.93 PKR) per year. AED 57,000 (42,81,528.53 PKR) is about what new graduates may anticipate. You can think of going for this option if you are looking for ACCA jobs in Dubai without experience.

Risk Management Advisor

A risk management consultant determines, evaluates, and tracks the degree of risk in the technical and financial components of an organization while working to reduce it. When starting out as a new employee, the average yearly compensation for a risk management consultant is AED 140,432 (1,05,48,484.46 PKR). This compensation can increase to AED 181,200 (1,36,10,753.85 PKR) with more than five years of expertise.

Quick Tips for Successfully Obtaining an ACCA Qualification

You can take a number of actions to improve your prospects of earning an ACCA credential. You must, first and foremost, have a thorough knowledge of the subject. You should illustrate this with examples from your prior academic success. Second, you must be able to devote the necessary time and energy to studying for the ACCA tests. 

This entails following a set study schedule and utilizing all of the available tools. Finally, prior to taking the tests, it is advantageous to have some professional experience in finance or accounting. This will improve your comprehension of the ideas and enable you to employ them in practical situations.

Obtaining an ACCA certification is the best way to assure a flourishing career in Dubai’s affluent job market. You will be able to join a group of highly qualified financial experts in Dubai once you have earned your ACCA certification. The best place to obtain the required education and experience is Mirchawala’s Hub of Accountancy. The institute has trained and nurtured numerous aspirants and supported them to become successful professionals in the industry. ACCA from IMS Proschool is the best option, regardless of whether you have just graduated from high school, are a recent graduate in accounting, or are a seasoned professional looking to advance your career.

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