How to Cancel ACCA Exam Booking: Here is Your Complete Guide

If you are an ACCA aspirant and are all set to appear in the upcoming ACCA exam, But due to some major family issue or health problem, you are thinking of canceling your ACCA exam booking. You can cancel your ACCA exams in an organized and user-friendly way with the help of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA). This article aims to educate you on how you can postpone an upcoming ACCA exam for several reasons, such as unanticipated personal obligations, insufficient study, or other issues. Here’s how to go about this procedure:

Know the Consequences:

  • Financial: After the regular admission date, ACCA usually does not reimburse the exam fee. This is because, given the number of candidates who have enrolled, the infrastructure, locations, and resources for the exams have already been reserved.
  • Rescheduling: If you cancel after the deadline, you usually have to reschedule the exam for the next available session, which will require you to rebook and pay again.
  • New syllabus: You might have to purchase the most recent ACCA book version if the next exam you can take is based on the new ACCA syllabus.

Now you are aware of the different consequences when you cancel the ACCA exam. In the next step, we will check through the process of canceling.

How to Cancel the ACCA Exam: Step-wise

Here is the step-by-step process for canceling an ACCA exam before the regular exam admission deadline.

 1. Open your MyACCA account and log in.

Go to the ACCA website and enter your login information to access your myACCA account.

2. Visit the ‘Exam Entry’ option:

Navigate to the ‘Exam Entry’ area of your account after logging in. You may check all the upcoming scheduled examinations here, as well as where you originally made your exam reservations.

3. Select the appropriate exam: 

From the list of exams you have scheduled, find and select the exam you want to cancel.

4. Select the ‘Cancel’ option.

You will be asked to confirm your selection. This is because, depending on ACCA’s refund policy and the amount of time left before the exam, exam cancellations may result in consequences like forfeiting your exam cost or a portion of it. Before you confirm, make sure you have understood these ramifications.

5. Check the policy for refunds:

Refunds are given by ACCA to those who cancel within the regular admission deadline. You can use the refund in your MyAcca account to retake the exam or send an email to ACCA requesting a bank transfer of the funds. However, there could not be a refund for cancellations made after this cutoff.

6. Await Confirmation:

You ought to receive an email confirmation from ACCA following the cancellation’s confirmation. It is advised that you get in touch with ACCA’s customer service to make sure your cancellation has been handled if you haven’t received this after a full day.

7. Make a plan:

Make sure to reserve your preferred exam date and location in advance if you wish to reschedule the exam.

How to Cancel the ACCA Exam After the Regular Deadline?

If there are extraordinary circumstances, such as a medical emergency or family problem, ACCA may evaluate post-deadline cancellations on an individual basis.

For this, you need to send ACCA an email at with important supporting documentation, such as a doctor’s prescription, if you think you have a legitimate claim for a refund or special consideration. Kindly ensure that your ACCA ID is included in the subject line.

 Several Situations That Give an Exception to the General ACCA Regulations.

1. Medical Emergencies:

Illness: If you become unwell in the days near your exam, you are suffering from a serious case of the flu or more serious illnesses.

Accidents: If you get hurt in an accident and are unable to take the exam because of the injuries, you can

Mental Health Issues: You are eligible to give the exam if you are facing any emergent mental health crisis, such as a severe bout of depression, anxiety, or another disorder.

In all these situations, you need to submit the relevant proof in the form of letters or medical certificates from physicians describing the ailment and its severity. Here, a lot of students submit fake medical papers to save their money or get rid of panetley. This is an unethical practice; aspiring ACCA professionals should avoid it.

2. Grief:

If there is an unexpected loss of a loved one or close family member just before your exam, it can have a negative effect on your emotional health and focus.

Here again, you need to submit a statement outlining the relationship to the dead, together with a copy of the death certificate or any pertinent paperwork.

3. Natural Disasters:

Natural disasters like earthquakes, floods, or violent storms can cause travel disruptions or put the student at direct risk.

You can submit news articles, government announcements, or other reliable sources attesting to the existence and consequences of the natural disaster to prove your situation. 

4. A Crime’s Victim:

If you have experienced any traumatizing events or major crimes such as theft, assault, or other crimes shortly before the exam, You can cancel your ACCA exa in a legitimate way by submitting the official records or police reports describing the occurrence.

5. Serious family or personal problems:

This can include a variety of circumstances, like dealing with unexpected homelessness, experiencing a domestic violence incident, or having a family emergency. While it is difficult to provide proof here, you need to submit a document or something to prove your situation.

Keep in mind that although ACCA does take extraordinary circumstances into account, exceptions are not assured as each case is considered separately. For precise information, it is usually advisable to consult the official ACCA rules or get in touch with their assistance.

That’s it for now. Hopefully, this article will have helped you understand the ACCA exam cancellation process.

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