ACCA Webinar: Twenty-five percent of all applicants who take the ACCA exam for the first time really pass it. However, it’s not shocking! One of the hardest tests to complete in one sitting.

You have several chances to ace the test. However, if you compete in a tough employment atmosphere, passing it on your first try would keep your CV at the top.

Do you intend to pursue a career in financial management while studying for the ACCA exam? Here, we have listed below a few effective tips from enrolling for a free ACCA webinar to checking your exam location in advance. These tips will enable you to pass the ACCA tests with flying colours. 

Early ACCA Plan Revision

Instead of simply regurgitating information, the majority of the scores on your ACCA exam will be based on your ability to apply the concepts you have learnt to a new situation.

In other words, it is not enough simply memorise information and expect to pass the ACCA exam; you also need time to comprehend what you are learning.

Giving yourself time for what you have learnt to sink into your long-term memory rather than depending on your short-term memory may help you perform better on your ACCA tests.

Take Practice Tests

One of the greatest ways to prepare for your actual ACCA exams is to take practise exams. You can verify that you are comfortable with the subject by taking practise tests, which will also assist to increase your confidence on test day. Utilise the practise examinations that are available online as you study for the next ACCA exams.

Hone your Answering Skills

It is vital to understand the sections. In order to perform at your best, you should also be skilled in how to respond to questions.

Continue practising by downloading question papers from the ACCA website. The way in which you respond matters a lot on this test. In the next, you can think of enrolling in the Pre revision ACCA webinar questions and answers.

Joining an ACCA webinar will help you to understand the structure of the recent exam sittings and qualify for it on your first attempt.  Besides enhancing your subject knowledge, the webinars also boost your exam confidence by offering on-demand tips and techniques.

A renowned ACCA institution, Mirchawala is offering  free pre-revision ACCA webinars that will provide you a step-by-step guide, covering all the significant topics with exam strategies and exam questions. 

Think from the Examiner’s Viewpoint 

To simplify your exam preparation, be aware of what the ACCA exam examiners are seeking. Additionally, be aware of the typical causes of failure among students who have previously taken the tests. Before showing up for the examinations, make sure you fix it.

By reading the Examiner’s Interview Approach instructions provided on the ACCA website, you can gain a sense of the examiner’s point of view. ACCA tests should be taken in the suggested order.

Together, set up your ACCA exams. Find out which ACCA tests to take in tandem by reading our expert blog. You can prepare in advance by analysing the chronology and keeping an eye on previous pass rates.

 Select Your Exam Medium Smartly

The ACCA offers both center-based and online examination options. The primary distinction between the two is that while the remote exams are done online, the center-based evaluations are delivered in a physical location.

Since both approaches have advantages and disadvantages, it ultimately depends on which is most effective for each person. You must carefully consider which exam type is best for you before the test. 

To Sum Up… 

To become a certified accountant, you must pass your ACCA examinations, but it doesn’t have to be difficult. This simple advice can improve your possibilities of achievement and help in achieving the goal of your goal to become a certified accountant. If you are looking for a professional guide in preparing for the ACCA exams, consider joining the ACCA course at Mirchawala.  

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