Do You Want to Make a Career in ACCA Before Graduation?

ACCA is an appealing career opportunity due to its flexibility, exceptional passing rates, and even better employment opportunities for students and professionals. ACCA is referred to as the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants. This globally renowned credential provides a solid foundation in areas such as taxation, auditing, financial reporting, and financial management. Knowledge, skill, and professional levels make up its three tiers. The course that will enable you to be job-ready and finish before earning a B.Com.

How do I Make a Career in ACCA before Graduation? 

Students in class 10 are eligible for ACCA. Students who recently passed their tenth grade can apply for the ACCA Foundation in Accountancy (FIA) course. Students who have completed their 12th grade are qualified to take the 13 ACCA-approved exams. 

Candidates with varying educational backgrounds are qualified for the very flexible ACCA certification. To be eligible for the ACCA course, students must earn a minimum of 50% in other disciplines and 65% in English, mathematics, and accounting. 

ACCA Eligibility Criteria 

To make a career in ACCA before graduation, students must meet the eligibility requirements of ACCA, which include being at least eighteen years old, having completed their 10+2 education, and having received a minimum of 50% in all other subjects and a cumulative score of 65% in math/accounting and English.

After earning their degree, students may be qualified for up to four exemptions from the thirteen ACCA papers. Following their B.Com., they will be eligible for a maximum of four waivers. They might qualify for three exemptions following their BBA completion. 

Why Should You Do ACCA After Graduation?

Since ACCA is a sophisticated and well-planned course, it stands to reason that students should gain from prior knowledge and experience. Depending on prior education, these benefits are awarded in the form of exemptions from participating in specific papers and/or levels. Furthermore, with the information gained at the graduation level, one can attempt to grasp ACCA topics with ease.

A student who has earned a B.Com. from any university recognized by ACCA is eligible to receive an exemption in all three of the “Knowledge Level” and “Corporate & Business Law” exams, for a total of four papers, from the “Applied Skills Level.” As a result, a graduate can begin their ACCA journey immediately after completing the Applied Skills Level by simply appearing for paper F5, or Performance Management. With this exception, the overall study journey can be anticipated to be saved directly by six months to a year.

How do I Find the best ACCA Training Institute in India?

Professional mentors and advisors who are knowledgeable about the courses and understand how students are evaluated in examinations are necessary for the ACCA exams.

Along with a solid understanding of the subjects, years of experience working as teachers usually offer the pattern in which the topics are examined. It is best to look for an ACCA training institute in India that provides individualized attention and guarantees that the course material is thoroughly covered well in advance of the tests. Additionally, to ensure that you have plenty of time for independent study, confirm that the training facility you select to assist you on this path concludes instruction in the subject matter at least one to one and a half months before the exam.

Mirchawala’s Hub of Accountancy offers a comprehensive range of ACCA and related courses and makes sure that every student feels appreciated and receives individual attention in their class. To ensure students have the choice of learning from the comfort of their homes and don’t have to give up on their ideal career, classes are offered both offline and online.

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