Here are the Best Study Materials for CFA Level 1 

Our comprehensive guide to the best study materials for CFA level 1 preparation and resources!

The CFA is one of the hardest examination series in the world. It holds less than 50% pass rates, meaning you will need to find the right study materials that can help you prepare for the exam. But, with so many options for study materials, how do you choose the best study materials for the CFA exam?

To make your search easier and help in your journey, we have created a list of study materials you should read before beginning your CFA exam preparation. The goal of this blog is to provide you with a thorough overview of the top study resources to help you ace the CFA Level 1 exam.

The Official Study Materials of the CFA Institute

To help applicants get ready for the exam, the CFA Institute offers official study resources for the CFA exam. These include the CFA Program Curriculum and other materials for candidates. 

The curriculum includes six volumes, which cover each of the ten major subjects. It has practice questions, examples, and Learning Outcome Statements (LOS), which are the exam’s core.

Best Study Materials for CFA Level 1

The following is a list of official resources for the CFA Institute:

  • Learning Outcome Statements (LOS): Following the study of each reading, candidates should be able to demonstrate the specific knowledge and abilities listed in these statements. They act as a study guide for you.
  • Practice Questions: The CFA Institute offers extra questions in the candidate resources part of their website, as well as practice questions after each reading. These questions help in evaluating your understanding of the subject matter.
  • Mock Exams: The Institute also offers tests that are quite similar to the real thing in terms of format. You can evaluate your progress and pinpoint areas that require more study by taking these exams.
  • Drawbacks: The curriculum covers every topic tested, making it the most thorough study guide for the examination. It can, however, be lengthy and dense to read. For a quicker evaluation, several candidates prefer to choose resources from outside sources.

Additional Study Materials  for CFA Level 1

If you want a thorough approach to CFA exam preparation, you might be interested in enrolling in a course. These are among the best options available to test-takers.

Kaplan Schweser

Several of the most well-liked CFA preparatory courses are available from Kaplan Schweser. There are three-course bundles available: Essential, Premium, and PremiumPlus.

In addition to Schweser JumpStart study materials, checkpoint examinations, mock exams, and Schweser’s Secret Sauce—a resource that provides advice and techniques for passing exams—the Premium package also includes on-demand classes and review workshops. All of this stuff is included in PremiumPlus, along with the choice of live workshops or classes.

If you’re searching for an affordable, all-inclusive CFA study program, you may want to consider Premium. PremiumPlus is suited for those seeking a more engaging experience. The cheapest package, Essential, can be a decent choice if you’re seeking a self-study course.


Another pioneer in CFA test preparation, Wiley provides a variety of course packages. Platinum, Gold, or self-study are your options for Level I study.

Mock tests, study guides, expert mentorship, live or recorded virtual classes, course outlines, thousands of practice problems, video lectures, and boot camp reviews are all included in the Platinum plan. Online mentorship, Wiley’s 11th-hour review study guide, and the 11th-hour mock exam are not included in the Gold package.

Of the three, the self-study program is the most basic but also the least expensive. If you’re not too interested in taking live or on-demand classes to prepare for the CFA exam, you could choose this option.

The Princeton Review

Exam preparation for Levels I, II, and III of the CFA is available via The Princeton Review. The Level I and Level II courses are covered by a money-back guarantee for a brief period. You will receive your course price returned if, after completing either study program, you cannot pass the CFA exam.

The 3,150+ practice questions with answers, 50+ hours of video lectures, four mock tests, 900 slides of study notes, and key definition flashcards are all included in the on-demand Essential Course. The ten study areas, covered in the Level I test are covered in all of the content.

The Ultimate Course is an option if you will prefer live training. Everything included in the Essential Course is included in this course package, including live classes and the opportunity to ask your professor questions one-on-one.

These are the best study materials for CFA level 1. Next, let’s quickly go through the list of the best CFA books to read for the exam 

Best Books for CFA Level 1

  • CFA Level I Study Guide, Wiley
  • CFA Program Curriculum Level I Box Set: CFA Institute
  • 2024 CFA Level 1 Study Material (Set of 5 Books)

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