ACCA Salary in India – As Per Industry, Experience, Company 

Before we move to the ACCA Salary in India and the significance of this qualification, let’s briefly discuss the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA), which is a globally recognized credential for accounting and financial professionals. You get a competitive advantage over other financial professionals with non ACCA qualifications thanks to your global credentials from ACCA. This is also true here: obtaining an ACCA certification in India can increase your earning potential and offer up a wide range of job prospects. Mirchawala Hub Of Accountancy provide excellent services for the students of ACCA in India .

Benefits of ACCA in India: The Key Highlights 

First and foremost, an ACCA qualification from India ensures

  • Your resume will be improved and you will stand out from other finance professionals if you get certified as a Charted Accountant.
  • Students with ACCA credentials typically make at least 70% more money than graduates.
  • ACCA certification in India is an international standard for good financial management practice.
  • It makes it possible to search for employment worldwide. 
  • You will also be equipped with the abilities and information required to work as a financial auditor, business analyst, and financial adviser.
  • Additionally, you will have access to a sizable network of similarly-minded professionals as an ACCA member.
  • Your ACCA certification can help you land a better job with higher compensation.

ACCA Salary in India

As per the average polls conducted by Indian job platforms in 2022; The ACCA pay range in India for new graduates is between 7 and 9 lakhs per year, or between 50 and 80 thousand rupees per month. Here is the complete insight on the ACCA salary in India depending on numerous factors. 

ACCA Salary in India: Industry-wise 

The following list shows the average median pay of ACCA members in India across sectors.

  • Accounting and auditing sector -₹ 19.5 lakh per year 
  • Taxation sector -₹18.4 lakh per year 
  • Financial reporting sector -₹ 18.6 lakh per year 
  • Internal audit sector -₹ 17.9 lakh per year 
  • The ACCA salary in India for freshers is₹ 8.2 lakh per year

The values above represent the average pay of an ACCA-qualified accountant. The wage is determined by numerous criteria, including the size of the organization, experience, and location. The salary of ACCA members in the accounting and auditing business is higher than in other sectors since they give services to the company such as financial statements, taxes, and audit reports.

ACCA Salary in India: Experience-wise

The total quantity of expertise an ACCA member has in a relevant subject or industry is a crucial factor that determines an ACCA member’s average income. Naturally, if you have more experience in a particular industry, you can demand a higher salary. The typical wage you can expect from your career as an ACCA member is listed below, depending on where you are in your career path prior to receiving this degree.

  • Beginner’s Level – LPA 7.05 INR
  • Senior Intermediate – LPA 11.17 INR
  • Senior Position – LPA of INR 19

Even as a new ACCA Affiliate, you can still plan on making between INR 4 and 6 LPA. This is expected to increase as you gain expertise in your field and show your talent at work. If you start working as a new employee after joining, the starting salary for an ACCA Fresher will increase to INR 6 to 8 LPA. Professionals with more than ten years of experience working for international corporations have reported earning up to twenty lakhs per year.

ACCA Salary in India: Company-wise 

In India, ACCA-trained newcomers could be engaged for positions resembling those of Indian chartered accountants. Fresh ACCA graduates are actively being hired for many accounting and finance positions at companies including BDO, Grant Thornton, J. P. Morgan, and Morgan Stanley. There is a good probability that your career will advance significantly if the recruiting company is a reputable business. The table below lists the salaries paid by various leading companies to ACCA-certified candidates:

EY (Ernst & Young)  – INR 5,000 LPA

Operation on State Street  – LPA 14-15 INR

International KPMG  – 6-7 LPA in INR

QX Private Limited.  – 3-4 LPA in INR

Accenture    – 11 LPA INR

The CISCO System, Inc.  – LPA of INR 8

Deloitte  – LPA of INR 8

Genpact  – LPA 12-13 INR

Grant Thornton LLP  – 2-3 LPA in INR

HSBC  – LPA 9-10 INR 

The ICICI Bank  – LPA 8-9 INR

J.P. Morgan & Co. – 6-7 LPA in INR

ACCA Salary in India: The Key Factors that Affect the Payout

Are you a professional accountant hoping to advance your career in India or an ACCA student? Knowing the elements that influence your pay might be useful for determining the areas you should concentrate on to increase your earning potential.

Experience: To begin with, the importance of your experience in deciding your ACCA pay in India cannot be overstated. There are more prospects for career progression and higher income with higher-level roles the more years of relevant experience you have. As a result, gaining accounting and/or auditing expertise is an excellent approach to boost your value as an ACCA professional.

Location: How much money you can make as an ACCA expert in India depends on where you work. According to general trends, metropolitan areas like Mumbai and New Delhi typically pay more than their suburban counterparts. 

Organization Size: Your income may vary depending on the size of the company where you work. Larger businesses frequently pay more since they have access to more resources and cutting-edge technology. 

Employment Role & Obligations: Your employment role and related obligations can also have an impact on your ACCA income. For instance, senior positions demand more technical expertise and training than entry-level positions like tax preparer or financial analyst, which often pay less.

Industry: The industry has a significant impact on how much money a person makes. Due to the monetary nature of their company, financial organizations, especially international firms, frequently pay more than other industries. 

Bottom Line on ACCA Salary in India

The widely recognized ACCA qualification can be the best option for you if you’re thinking about pursuing a professional career in finance. Leading companies in India and around the world are becoming more and more familiar with the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA), which provides holders with excellent earning potential and prospects for professional advancement.

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ACCA salary in India can vary significantly based on the industry and position you’re applying for. But generally speaking, someone with an ACCA certification can anticipate making a lot more money than someone without one.  The Mirchawala’s Hub of Accountancy can assist you in starting and advancing your profession if you require any additional assistance to start your ACCA career in India. 

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