Is it impossible to prepare for the ACCA exam in just 15 days? Well, it seems challenging but not impossible to prepare; however, the actual result depends on several factors. The ACCA course is a popular way to make a shining career in accounting and finance. But what if you have limited time? In this blog, we will go through the factors we need to cover in order to be properly prepared for the ACCA Exam, rather than the number of hours we have available and how many hours should be used to study. The following topics need to be addressed:

  •  Recognize the full ACCA curriculum.
  • As many inquiries as you can make in advance
  • Practice the previous exams and
  • Attend a practice test if you can.
  • Plan ahead for ACCA exam

You must face the fact that it won’t help your understanding if you try to cram 12 hours of revision into the remaining days. To ensure that you concentrate carefully on the areas with the highest potential rewards, you need a plan. Please take note that we are not advocating question spotting here (which rarely succeeds!). However, you’ll need to be a little pickier with only two weeks left.

 Create Your Study Plans for Different Papers 

You must do it numerous times and always make a habit of planning to succeed in your ACCA exam. Perhaps you already have one that you developed, replete with color coding and a stylish layout, but you haven’t used it because it’s hanging above your workstation. This time, no! Making a basic version of this idea takes five minutes. 

 The Foundational Papers

Since the syllabus for the fundamental papers is both bigger and shallower, studying a few topics in depth is unlikely to be sufficient to pass. In order to try to cover as much territory as you can, you need to be strict with yourself about going through the issues quickly.

Don’t squander your valuable remaining revision time by studying topics in more depth than necessary if you are aware of the level of knowledge needed to achieve a mark. Be mercenary; get the necessary knowledge, then proceed.

The Professional Papers

You’ll need a far more in-depth, focused comprehension of the topics you’re asked about for the professional papers. That being the case, a quick, superficial comprehension won’t win you the pass.

In order to increase your chances of succeeding in other areas, it could be best to gloss over any subjects you find particularly challenging right away. With only three weeks left, it will be difficult for you to gain the necessary knowledge for the professional papers if you truly don’t comprehend something.

If you thoroughly review a few topics, you could have luck answering the questions that come up. However, you might not. Even though question-spotting isn’t the best strategy (and it rarely succeeds), you need to be realistic about what you can accomplish with only three weeks left.

ACCA Exam Strategy: Prepare for the ACCA Exam in Just 15 Days

Whatever strategy you choose, keep your chin up, start with your advantages, and pray for the best.

  1. Learn the ACCA Exam Techniques

With only two weeks until exams, you must embrace the possibility that you will perform poorly and lose points. However, losing points due to improper ACCA exam technique is never acceptable.

If you lose points on a question that you knew the answer to but couldn’t quite formulate, you’re wasting points you can’t afford to lose.

Know at least the fundamentals before taking the exam:

  • How long is the test?
  • What are the specifications? How many mandatory questions, sections, and alternatives are there?
  • What’s your strategy? How much time will you devote to reading versus responding?
  • How long can you dedicate to answering each question?
  • Determine how much time each mark deserves based on the length of the paper and the number of marks (don’t forget to account for reading and checking time!).
  • Read the examiner’s reports as well.

Every time a paper is examined, the examiner displays some frustration over the fact that students are losing marks for failing to respond to the question. Recognize the examiner. Some people enjoy answering in bullet points, while others detest it. You’ll score higher on the ACCA exam if you know your examiner.


2. Approach Your Studies Wisely

You don’t have time to waste if you’ve put off studying for the ACCA exam. To get the most out of the three techniques you have, you’ll need to choose them carefully.

For example, avoid copying out paragraphs of notes because it is time-consuming and ineffective. Right now, self-testing in ACCA is the most successful strategy.


3. Plan Smartly 

This includes any type of knowledge test when you don’t have the solution in front of you. ACCA past papers are the most common self-testing technique, but with barely three weeks left, this may not be possible. The Mirchawala’s Hub of Accountancy can be your perfect study guide.

Be sure to try all the questions before letting the tutor show you the solution and marking yourself to monitor your progress. You can maximize the marks you can earn if you use the time you do have in the most effective way.


You must realize that you can fail if you are unprepared. You shouldn’t worry, though, as two weeks may still be enough time to make a difference.

Keep in mind that the less you leave to chance, the more effort you are making now.

Dedicate yourself to accomplishing what you can and refrain from getting yourself wound up. And keep in mind that while it might not be warm comfort right now, if the exam doesn’t go your way, you can still use it as a lesson learned and perform better the next time. Mirchawala is a renowned ACCA institute that can help you qualify for the exam on your first attempt and get a growing career ahead.