ACCA with BCom: Top Reasons Why ACCA with BCom is a Good Choice?

ACCA is one of the most renowned accounting programs that equips you with the knowledge and technical skills necessary to succeed as a professional. The ACCA curriculum teaches you vital accounting skills and improves your ability to communicate and process numbers effectively. Therefore, don’t put off planning for the future until after you earn your degree. Right after your 12th year, do it. Despite possibly being one of the youngest, an ACCA with Bcom joint certification will make you one of the hottest accountants in the field.

These days, ACCA and B.Com. are the most in-demand degrees. This program is open to students who have passed their plus two requirements through the state board, CBSE, ICSE, IB, NIOS, or IGSCE. Additionally, candidates doing their plus-two examinations may enroll in this course. Better work chances and career advancement are provided by a B.Com. with ACCA certification.

The Significance of ACCA

Eight accountants in the UK recognized the need for a unified group of experts who adhered to the same set of standards all across the world back in 1904. The advent of the ACCA revolutionized the field of traditional accounting. The institute made another first in 1909. It became one of the few institutions that provided instruction to female students interested in becoming accountants. The organization has evolved and expanded since then, becoming a worldwide phenomenon. Over 219,000 members and 537,000 pupils are dispersed over 180 nations, and the number is growing. Once certified, you join an elite group of individuals sought after by businesses all around the world. Many doors in the corporate sector are opened by an ACCA certification on a résumé. arguments as to why it is reasonable to do the ACCA with Bcom.

Key Reasons Why You Should Do ACCA with BCom?

Why is it preferable to begin the ACCA course after 12th grade when you can apply at any point in your academic or professional career?

Course duration

Starting from registration, it will take you 4 to 5 years to finish both the B.Com. and the ACCA. It covers the B.Com. program’s three-year period. After earning a B.Com., you will need at least 8 years to finish the ACCA program. You can save four years off your academic career if you combine B.Com. and ACCA. As a result, you can begin working at an early age and experience greater career advancement both locally and overseas.

Paper Exemption

You must pass 13 papers in order to become an eligible ACCA member. However, B.Com. students will receive the most paper exemptions. i.e., just nine tests from the ACCA knowledge and skills modules must be taken. Additionally, B.Com. students can start taking the ACCA P-Level exams in their second year.

Reverse Exemption 

Reverse exemption is additionally accessible to B.Com. students taking the ACCA course. i.e., if you have already passed the corresponding ACCA test papers in the Applied Knowledge and Skills modules, you will be exempt from taking part in the papers in your B.Com. exams. You only need to pay the exam fees; you are not required to take the other exams. For instance, if you have finished five of the nine papers, you are exempt from writing the final four. Only those four documents’ costs are required of you.

Join the ACCA community.

Age is irrelevant to the ACCA Institute. They provide equal opportunity for everyone. The ACCA career board can be useful to you because it features exclusive job listings up front. You can associate with a group of eminent experts who support and inspire one another. You get access to online resources as an ACCA fellowship member to learn new theories and concepts. You therefore have a lifetime’s worth of experience and expertise, even though your career is still young.

Be ready for the job.

While your friends apply for professional programs, you will be traveling to your job interview. That is an advantage of taking the ACCA while pursuing your degree. If you put in the work and are prepared, you can begin looking for a career as soon as you graduate. Gaining an advantage in life is beneficial. The ACCA certification is the best way to start a career in accounting and finance since it is a globally recognized credential with up-to-date, industry-relevant information. Only after graduation should students complete this requirement.

Bottom Line 

The B.Com. program includes all the essential components of the accounting profession, including management and consulting, investment banking, corporate reporting, audit and assurance, financial management, etc. It provides a full package for accounting students when combined with the ACCA program. The top accounting training facility in India, Finprov Learning, offers ACCA courses that you can take in addition to your B.Com. studies. The course can be accessed online. You can enroll in the program at your convenience and join the ACCA in a short amount of time. Visit the official website of Mirchawala’s Hub of Accountancy for additional information.

If you have any questions about our ACCA exam or the best training course, feel free to contact us. We will be happy to help you.

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