How to Get a Job in the UK After ACCA from India

 Are you pursuing an ACCA course in India? Are you thinking about the job opportunities for ACCA around the world? 

ACCA is a widely renowned professional certification, and it has an excellent reputation and scope in different parts of the world. In this blog, we will be answering one of the most asked questions by Indian ACCA aspirants: how to get a job in the UK after ACCA from India. Many people are unsure of their future in the UK after earning their ACCA credentials.

Indian ACCA certificates can be valued in the UK, even though navigating the shift may not always be easy. Even though there can be some paperwork related to visas, Indian nationals with ACCA certificates can find respectable and fulfilling jobs in the UK.

Criteria for Indian ACCAs to Work in the UK

It is crucial for Indian ACCA experts looking for work in the UK to fulfill two prerequisites:

ACCA from a Recognized Institute: To be eligible for the ACCA qualification, you need to graduate from an accredited school. The ACCA is valid for work in the UK as long as it is obtained from an accredited institution.

Visa: It is prohibited to work in the UK or any other nation with a tourist visa. The necessary work visa, such as the skilled worker visa, must be obtained by Indian ACCA experts. A sponsorship certification from a licensed sponsor and proof of how one’s job aligns with the employer’s organization are prerequisites for this visa. For employment to be lawful in the UK, certain requirements must be met.

ACCA Career in the UK 

With more than 30,000 posts accessible in industries like accounting, public practice, financial services, and business sectors, ACCA provides a broad range of work opportunities in the UK. Business analysts, finance controllers, payroll administrators, finance directors, and trainee accountants are among the positions available.

ACCA specialists are regularly hired by well-known companies including PwC, KPMG, Deloitte, EY, Barclays Bank, and Accenture. Finding the ideal position is made easier with ACCA Careers’ wide range of jobs and employers. So, students do not have to worry anymore about how to get a job in the UK after ACCA from India. 

Think about applying for jobs with nationally or internationally recognized ACCA employers, such as IBM, Apple, Bank of England, Next PLC, Roche, and more. Employment agencies such as Reed and Michael Page are also excellent sources of local and international job leads.

An additional great resource for job seekers is LinkedIn Jobs, which is frequently favored by many UK firms. Maintaining an updated LinkedIn profile might help increase your chances of finding work via the network.

While larger accounting firms and multinational corporations are likely to understand the benefits of the ACCA qualification, smaller businesses might not be as familiar with it. Consequently, it’s a good idea to find work before moving to the UK, especially in more cosmopolitan locations where there may be more options.

Beyond standard accounting professions, Indian ACCA professionals have a wide range of career prospects in the UK. Here are a few different employment options:

  • Management Consultant: Management consulting, which is well-known for its prominence, provides lucrative compensation along with steady work with prestigious companies. ACCA practitioners in India can benefit from the UK’s strong need for management consultants.
  • Financial Advisor: Financial advising positions provide attractive career prospects due to the industry’s consistent expansion. Indian ACCA professionals might take advantage of this growing trend to land lucrative jobs in the UK.
  • Fund Accountant: Having experience managing mutual funds or institutional funds improves your chances of getting hired as a fund accountant in UK companies. Opportunities in this industry can be found by Indian ACCA experts who possess the necessary skills.
  • Corporate Treasurer: In big businesses in the retail, telecommunications, and manufacturing industries, corporate treasurers are essential. Professionals in India who are ACCA-qualified might work as 

Salary for ACCA Professionals in the UK 

In the United Kingdom, the average ACCA professional salary is between £19,300 and £25,800 annually. On the other hand, those with additional training and specific talents can fetch greater salaries—some make up to £30,700 annually.

The ACCA professional’s specialized field of work also affects salary variances. For example, the average yearly income for a taxation officer might be between £25,000 and £40,000. While auditors may make between £23,000 and £35,000 annually, financial consultants may make between £45,000 and £50,000.

Conclusion on How to Get a Job in the UK After ACCA from India

Even though landing a job in the UK after earning an ACCA may not be easy, it can be done with careful planning. With careful consideration of all options and following all the visa regulations, candidates with Indian ACCA certification can position themselves for the best job options in the UK. 

That’s it for now. Hopefully, you are clear on how to get a job in the UK after ACCA from India. Stay tuned for more such interesting content. 

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