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Rules And Regulations

Welcome to Mirchawala’s Hub of Accountancy, a trust-worthy name in the field of education. Kindly read the following rules and regulations related to admission:


  • Fees of one subject cannot be transferred to another subject; similarly fees of one student cannot be transferred to other student.
  • Any verbal agreement or communication will be considered as null or void, therefore all the communication must be in written form.
  • Section will be allocated by MHA’s management. Student is not allowed to change his/her section without permission.
  • Any misconduct will be subject to strict disciplinary action.
  • 80% attendance is must for all the students in every subject he/she is admitted otherwise admission will be cancelled. Three holidays a month may result in suspension of a student.
  • Intra institute clashes between different subjects will be avoided, but MHA has no responsibility for intra institute clashes.
  • No cash dealing is allowed with any person regarding admission.
  • Management of MHA has right to cancel admission and is not bound to give any justification. The decision of MHA’s management will be final and binding in all circumstances.
  • Before signing this, you are reminded to ensure that you have clearly understood all the terms of your admission form with Mirchawala’s Hub of Accountancy in particular clauses concerning refunds, deferments, waivers and course transfers.
  • Refund policy of institution is that 75% refund can be done if applied before start of course. If applied in first week of course then 50% fees can be refunded. After first week of course no refund is possible.
  • Mirchawala institute do not deal in any kind of visa application and foreign university transfers.
  • Cost of tuition is given in attached fees structure, which student agrees to it by signing the admission form.
  • Mirchawala Hub of accountancy will make sure that student data will only be used by itself for class information purpose and for submission to ACCA for student record data base.
  • Mirchawala Hub of Accountancy holds right to use student data for result analysis service of ACCA. Student agrees to it by signing to this admission list.
  • Access on only one device access is allowed on one LMS account if you need access on more than devices than discuss your concern.
  • Lectures are only viewable until exam date discussed with admin or teacher at the time of admission.
  • Sharing of lectures provided to you on LMS without the permission of teacher with any other student will be considered as a breach of privacy by Mirchawala’s hub of accountancy and may lead to legal case.


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